Ѧ – Walks marked with Ѧ are on iconic mountains

The mountains in the Costa Blanca region are rugged and the paths are often rough with numerous hazards to cause tripping, loose stones and thick undergrowth. Care is needed at all times. Walkers should assess their ability to complete the walks taking into account the following walk gradings:-

E – Easy: A walk of up to 4½ hours on good surfaced tracks and less than 200metres ascent.

M – Moderate: up to 12km, less than 400 metres ascent and less than 50% rough going.

MS – Moderately Strenuous: Up to 600 metres ascent and/or no more than 15 km with some rough going taken at a reasonable pace.

S – Strenuous: More than 600 ascent metres and/or more than 15km with steep, loose or heavily vegetated sections.

VS – Very Strenuous: More than 800 metres ascent and/or more than 20km with steep, loose or heavily vegetated sections.

X – Experienced walkers routes: Routes which require considerable stamina and/or significant scrambling skills on rough, steep or exposed sections.

Scr – Scrambling: This implies the need for handholds to ascend steep rock pitches with a sense of exposure to vertigo and where a slip could lead to a serious accident.

A – All good tracks

B -Less than half the route on rough ground

C – More than half the route on rough ground