Search and RescueWe recommend that individuals who walk with CBMW take out insurance cover for rescue and medical costs in case of accident on our mountain walks. Those who live here can take out extra insurance via (in Spanish) or (in English). If you are just visiting the area for a holiday you should check that your travel insurance covers is sufficient –  if not then take out extra cover!

If you become a member of the Austrian Alpine Club (UK) then all current members are covered by the AWS rescue and repatriation service during their membership year. The ÖAV insurance policies are provided by Austrian companies and governed by Austrian law. For a summary of cover provided by AWS please click here:  Alpenverein Worldwide Service (AWS) providing Annual Rescue and Repatriation Insurance

Cover is primarily for mountain rescue, it is NOT comprehensive travel insurance. You should read the insurance document carefully to ascertain whether you need to take out additional insurance to meet all your requirements. If you have any queries please contact KNOX Versicherungsmanagement GmbH as explained in the document.  The AAC(UK) Office is not able to answer questions which seek interpretation of the insurance cover.